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  • A Guide to Eames Mid Century Style Home Office Chairs
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A Guide to Eames Mid Century Style Home Office Chairs

As working from home has become more prevalent in the 2020 Covid climate, many of us are looking for a comfortable and yet stylish home office chair. Something that has a pleasant aesthetic look will also make a home office area look less 'office like' if it is an open plan space and shared with living areas.

There are vast amounts of office chairs available online from £50 to £550 plus, to suit all budgets. Very cheap chairs tend to have issues with wheels and castors breaking, plastics splitting and PU faux leather wearing quickly so it may be worth spending a little more on a decently made chair in a good quality upholstery that will age well and also last the daily grind.

The original Aluminium group of office chairs was a range designed by Eames in the 1950's. They remain a classic and undated look even today.


 EA117 and EA119 - this is a slim profile task chair with a horizontally ribbed design to the upholstery and a slender curved aluminium or black powder coated frame. Available in either a high back (119) or low back version (117), it has a gas lift height adjustment and the ability to adjust the back to allow a slight tilt or rock backwards or to remain locked in an upright position. A design that has remained uber-cool and fashionable over five decades. 



Next up is the EA217 and EA219 or 'soft pad' style. Also in two versions, a high back (219) and a low back (217) with padded cushioned seat and back. Again with the distinctive chrome polished arms or also available in a black frame. A very comfortable all day office chair.


The Mesh chair is just that, a thin mesh fabric is stretched across the aluminium frame allowing good air-flow to the user and so is favoured by those working at highly concentrated tasks which involve long periods of sitting such as graphic designers.

The ES104 or 'lobby chair'. The original was designed in 1960 for the lobby areas of the Rockefeller Centre in New York, thus the name, and it truly is a luxurious leather executive chair.

Large and chunky in design it needs a spacious area to show off its angular powerful lines to the full.

Flat aluminium plate arms with the armrest top raised off the frame. A very sumptious executive look, however it is also a large chair so more suitable for larger home office spaces.

Chairs are usually on castors to provide swivel, movement and lift, however, they can also be on 'glides' (ie. without castors with a fixed fitting to stand stationary) to protect floors from rolling castors.

Conference Style Chairs (EA108 and EA208 style) These tend to be swivel but without any gas lift so are not height adjustable and are a good choice for a slim home office chair if the fixed height works with a desk or table. Measure up your desk or table height first!

They are usually low back and coded as:

EA108 -  similar to the EA117/119 above with horizonal ribbed detail

EA208 - similar to the EA217/219 styles as above with padded seat and back cushion detail. 

Mid century design styles are ever-popular and work equally well with modern and period style properties.

A stylish home office chair enhances home decor rather than detracting from it and blends in better sometimes than a clunky or more utilitarian chair for home working.

You can view more on our range of office chairs at https://onske.co.uk/collections/study

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